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offering trucking, excavating, and supply services in the greater Pittsburgh area and beyond.



Dispatch: 724-947-5215
After Hours Cell: 412-699-0182
Accounting: 412-722-6295
Fax: 724-218-1743

Disbatch Email:

667 US Route 30, Imperial, PA 15126


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After building a successful Landscape Development company in the Pittsburgh area, Owner Rob Cronin, began Cronin Enterprises, LLC. Within the first three years of operating, Cronin Enterprises has grown from one truck to nine, with over 30 broker trucks available. 

Cronin Enterprises is dedicated to building strong relationships with our clients and employees, delivering product on time, and offering the best customer service possible. 


Generally focused on aggregate materials, our trucks are equipped to haul rock, asphalt, dirt, contaminated soil, and clean fill.

Pond Remediation

Highly experienced in stabilization, separation, drainage needs, and erosion control with the ability to create bio-soils as per state specifications, installing eco-pavers at the bottom of sediment ponds, and complete stabilization work.

Excavating & Environmental Services

Foundation and new construction excavating, french drains and other systems available. Rain gardens, bio-soil manufacturing, erosion control, etc. Please contact us for inquires and additional information. 


Tri-Axle delivery of supply available: mulch, limestone, sand, top soil, etc. To see a full list of supply offerings please visit 

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