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Bulk Material Supply List

C&R Landscape Development's Supply is available for pick up or delivery, with tri-axle pricing available. If you want to order in bulk, please contact our office at 412-302-1341 for pricing. Or order online.

*Pricing by the yard

*Product appearance may vary 

RCI (1).png

Visit our Supply Store!

RCI Supply is a sister company of C&R Landscape Development, located in Imperial, PA where you can find all of your supply needs in one place. 

2A Limestone

$34.50 per yard

Construction Sand

$34.99 per yard

Grass Seed

$2.40 per pound


#3 River Rock

$45.99 per yard


2B River Rock $33.99 per yard


2B Limestone $39.99 per yard

Top Soil

$34.99 per yard


Black Mulch

$34.99 per yard



Cherry Brown Mulch

$34.99 per yard


Mushroom Manure

$42.99 per yard

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